Byzantine choir "En Psaltirio"


The Byzantine choir “En Psaltirio” was founded in 2007, by the founders of “Sholeion Psaltikis”, Konstantinos Bousdekis and Konstantinos Fotopoulos. Both of them are directors of the choir and they teach the members of the choir. The permanent members of the choir are 20-30 and all of them are famous chanters and teachers of Byzantine music. From time to time the choir is added by experienced chanters and the older students of “Sholeion Psaltikis” school. The success of the choir is achieved because of its members same music education.

The purpose of Byzantine choir “En Psaltirio” is to disseminates the original, pure chanting art of Byzantine emperor time throught the music texts that have been saved from the ravages of time. Another purpose of the choir is to promote the talented Byzantine music composers of “Sholeion Psaltikis” but in all cases the choir respects the traditional rules of Byzantine music and follows the chanting way of the most famous chanters of the 20th century.

Until today the choir has chanted in night prays, in church celebration events, in concerts, in festivals, in radiophone broadcasts. In 2007 the music company “Legend” released an album with hymns which have been chanted by “En Psaltirio” choir. The name of the album was “En mnimeio tithete” and the sponsor of the album was the “Kimisis Theotokou” church at Amaroussion city.

The Byzantine choir “En Psaltirio” at the beginning of the 21st century is tottaly staunch in the service of Byzantine art. We feat the future with optimism and the reasons are all the members, the friends, the students, the audience who support us and give us strength to continue.

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