Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis

Conferences – Talks – Seminars

As part of its activities, the “Scholeion Psaltikis” organizes:

Talks by distinguished speakers, representatives of church music or traditional music respectively (late Monk Daniel Danielidis, Filippos of Thomades, Filotheos Grigoriatis , Fr Christos Kyriakopoulos, Dimitrios Ioannidis, Dimitrios Nerantzis, George Lambropoulos, Konstantinos Lambropoulos, Georgios Hatzis et al.)

Seminars where specialized topics are developed, such as composition in the Slavonic language, improvisation in traditional music, etc.

Musicological Conferences. International Musicological Conference, 2014, Athens Concert Hall (click here for more information).