Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis

The school

Ecclesiastical music, which developed mainly in the Greek-speaking world but is the universal property of all the Orthodox, is a living organism that evolves over the centuries. At the “Psaltic School”, having this conviction, we work non-stop for its promotion and dissemination, both in Greece and abroad, as well as for the creation of a correct church music education.

Our School is active in the fields of teaching, interpretation and research of church music. Relying on the rich oral and written tradition and having the living bearers of the tradition by our side to guide us, we strive to achieve our goal.

Recognizing respectively the artistic value and richness of Greek traditional music, we work for its preservation in the musical interests and listening of the modern era as well as for turning the interest of music lovers in learning the traditional instruments of our country.

However, the most important thing for us is not the number, but the quality of our activities and actions, which is ensured both by our teachers and by the specialized and experienced external partners and friends of our School who help us with their suggestions and advice to constantly upgrade the level of the School and to contribute from our side to the preservation and dissemination of the wealth of our church and traditional music.