Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis

En psalterio

The choir “En psalterio” was founded in 2007 by Konstantinos Bousdekis and Konstantinos Fotopoulos in Athens.

The original composition of the choir was the members of the choir at the time, with youthful enthusiasm and inexhaustible appetite. Over the years the choir began to be strengthened by the advanced students of the Scholeion Psaltikis and also by other singers with common views on chanting.

The main purpose of the choir is to promote our church music through the presentation of members from the Byzantine, post-Byzantine and newer periods. The study and interpretation of these members is done with respect to the written as well as the oral tradition of the greatest chanters of the 20th century, while the choir presents its work at all kinds of related events as well as at sacred services, singing at festivals and vigils in Greece and the abroad.

The strong bonds between the members, the common chanting background, the high chanting level, the rehearsals and the endless hours of chanting in the sacred services are elements that contribute to the formation of the style of the choir.

Choir studies lessons from old and new masters of Constantinople, Smyrna, Thessaloniki and Mount Athos, trying to immerse themselves in the style and spirit of each era and composer.

The two founders of the choir, Konstantinos Bousdekis and Konstantinos Fotopoulos , alternate as choirmasters.

Substitute choirmasters are the church music teachers of the Chanting School.

Audios of the choir can also be found on our YouTube channel.