Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis

Moscow Choir

In the Scholeion Psaltikis (“схолион псалтикис”) in Russia there is a choir with members of teachers and students of our School. The choir was created by Konstantinos Fotopoulos in 2004 both to meet the students’ need for practice in the lectern and to spread the choral form of church music. The goal of the choir is the correct performance of church hymns, free from influences of Western music that distort the genuine church style, as well as the promotion of chanting in Russia.

The choir regularly sings all the enyaut services in the Metokhi of I.M. Panteleimon of Mount Athos as well as in numerous holy churches and monasteries in and outside of Moscow, as well as in concerts and choral festivals in Russia and elsewhere. All our students, depending on their abilities and knowledge, participate in the services.

In the year 2007 a digital disc of the choir, entitled “With my voice to the Lord I have cried”, containing hymns composed in the Old Church Slavonic language was published by the Russian publications “Mount Athos” (“свитая гора»), based on old classical music texts of chanting.

Choirmaster is Konstantinos Fotopoulos , while the substitute choirmaster is Ivan Gribkof .

Audios of the choir can also be found on our YouTube channel.