Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis


The research group of the Palaeography department of the Scholeion Psaltikis has been operating since 2008, under the supervision and teaching of Constantinos Fotopoulos. The goal of her research and study is twofold: to understand the dark points of the old theoretical writings and to explain old members of different periods of musical notation, i.e. to transcribe them from the writing of older periods to the current one. By studying the evolution of music writing we gain a better knowledge of the history of church music and a deeper understanding of the logic of the old teachers. In addition, we can interpret the reasons why we find differences in the explanation of the same member by different interpreters while at the same time benefiting in the field of composition. Let us also not forget the fact that despite the multitude of explanations we have inherited from the older masters, many of the old lessons – even some of those that were widely circulated in the past – remain unexplained. Therefore by searching the ancient scriptures we are given the opportunity to carry these lessons into the current system so that we can study and chant them.