Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis


The voice, the most precious organ of chanters and those who deal with the word, needs training, care and maintenance to cope with daily stress and to guard against dangerous and harmful ailments.

For this reason, the introduction of the Phonics course was considered necessary, with the aim of training our students in the correct use of the voice with the appropriate placement, breathing practice and the acquisition of the appropriate technique for both speech and the music. The teaching method is based on axes such as knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the vocal organ, breathing technique and orthophony.

The course, individually or in group, is aimed at amateurs or professional musicians (singers and cantors), but also at teachers who suffer vocally due to the long hours of speaking required by their profession. Especially for cantors, it is combined with practical practice in chanting repertoire.

The course is taught by Christina Spiliakopoulou .