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Welcome to the website The website belongs to ‘’SHOLEION PSALTIKIS” and it is managed by our supporting team. The use of this website is governed by the following terms & conditions, which the visitors are kindly requested to read carefully and comply with; otherwise, in case of disagreement, they should abstain from using the website. The visitor’s navigation to these webpages, as well as the utilization of any information provided therein, is equivalent to the unconditional acceptance of these terms & conditions.


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Moreover, we don’t bear any responsibility for the website’s temporary unavailability, the interruption of all or part of its functions or applications, or for any malfunction or technical issues that may occur. In addition, we don’t provide any promise or guarantee for any other website that the visitor/user may choose to access through this website. Any links leading to other websites through this website are only provided in order to facilitate the visitor and it must not be assumed that The Company and our team acknowledge these websites or any content therein. As a result, visitors must comply with these websites’ terms of use and directly contact their providers for any issues that might occur during their visit to or use of these websites. Finally, we don’t guarantee that this website will be compatible with each user’s computer, hardware and software.


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Without prejudice to any contrary predictions in these terms of use, we provide the website’s visitors/users with a limited license of access and use for the website, pursuant to which they can use this content exclusively and only for personal, non-commercial reasons, within the framework established by law, good faith, custom and usage.

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As part of this use, it is not allowed to make any alteration or other type of intervention on the website’s content or software, nor any effort to damage and affect its functionality.

In addition, it is not allowed to pull up, copy and use any further part or all of the website’s content using data extraction methods, “robot”, “spider” or “crawler” software, and similar methods for collecting and/or pulling up data, or to install harmful files and programs designed to destroy or restrict the function of any software or telecommunication equipment, or to prevent other users from using our website. Similarly, it is forbidden to install, in any way, advertising messages in any form or unsolicited electronic messages (spam).

The visitors are not allowed to create and/or publish a database which includes main and/or secondary parts of our website’s content without our explicit and written permission.

Similarly, the visitor is forbidden from using any meta tag or other “hidden text” that uses such trademarks, trade names or service marks without a prior explicit written consent.

In each case of behaviour that is illegal or contrary to these terms and the applicable legal framework for the website’s use, the visitor is obliged to compensate us for each incidental and consequential damage that we may suffer as a result of the above actions.


We may modify the form and content of this website at any time. Moreover, it may suspend the function of this website due to support, maintenance or content update works, or for any other reason. Finally, it retains the right to suspend access to this website at any time without warning.


These Terms & Conditions, an integral part of which is the Personal Data Protection Policy, constitute the total and only agreement between us concerning the website’s use by visitors.

We reserve the right to proceed to the modification of the Terms & Conditions of Use at any time, by posting the relevant modifications on the website, from which time they will start to apply. The website’s use by the visitors is equivalent to their acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Use. Any invalidity of certain terms in the present document does not invalidate the remaining terms.

We retain the right to proceed, at any time, to the revoking of any right that was granted with the present document, without prior warning. Our website’s visitors are encouraged to visit this section regularly in order to be updated of any changes.


In the present or the future, our website may contain advertisements, as well the promotion of other material with advertising content, purpose and aspect.

In case of third party advertisements, we don’t control the content of such advertisements and, as a result, it bears no responsibility whatsoever towards its users for the content of such advertisements in relation to any illegal actions or omissions, inaccuracies or failure to comply with the laws and regulations of any country in the European Union relating to the content of such advertisements. The advertised parties, sponsors and/or creators of the promoted advertising material are exclusively responsible for this material.


These Terms & Conditions, an integral part of which is the Personal Data Protection Policy, as well as any modification or change therein, are governed by the Greek law and any relevant dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Athenian courts.


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