Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis


The founders of the Singing School, Konstantinos Bousdekis and Konstantinos Fotopoulos, have been friends since childhood. Born into priestly families, they both followed a similar path as their parents instilled in them a love for church music from an early age. Their common teacher was the Most Reverend Archpriest Anastasios Traiforos, with whom they studied and obtained the “Degree of Chant” and the “Diploma of Byzantine Music”.

From their student years they chanted together in services while they never stopped looking for the original chanting expression in (mainly) carriers of the patriarchal and saintly tradition. As soon as they received their Diploma, they started giving private lessons and teaching in Byzantine Music Schools and Conservatories while at the same time they started organizing and directing various choral groups. When the conditions were finally ripe, they decided to join forces by founding the “En Psaltirio” choir and the “Psaltic School”.

From these positions as well as from the chantries in which they minister, they developed and are developing a multitude of activities around church and traditional music and have set as their goal the “production” of worthy, traditional chanters as well as the improvement of music education in Greece in the 21st century .

Konstantinos Bousdekis

Konstantinos Fotopoulos