Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis

Church music

Our primary and clear goal at School is training of chanters in a traditional way. Central role in this process of learning to chant is played by participating in the church and the analogion. There the students will consolidate and test what they have learned in classes.

In this light, the Artistic Direction of our School proposes to each student the study program that suits them best. This is based on their interests, needs and skills.  

The curriculum includes a series of primary and secondary courses, which form the personal curriculum for each student. These courses take place either individually or in groups, while participation in student choirs is also necessary, as their members learn to participate in and conduct various choral ensembles. 

After the end of their studies, all students receive the corresponding certificate of attendance, while on some cases the student has the right to claim official qualifications recognized from the Greek state, namely the Degree and the Diploma in Byzantine Music. 

Teaching in the School follows the Method of the three teachers of 1814, as formulated in the “Great Theory” Book and was formulated with the additions and modifications instigated by the Patriarchal Committee of 1881. The practical part is carried out through the authoritative music publications as well as special teaching manuals. At the same time, special emphasis is given to the oral tradition, while the patriarchal musical tradition is a key point of reference. 

With its varied study programs and specialized courses, the School opens paths for its students to explore. As a continuation of their studies, students can also specialize in composition, paleography, choir conducting, teaching, etc.  

Psaltic is art whose history goes back to many centuries. The School encourages students to study this centuries-old art with its deep-rooted tradition, applying modern methods and techniques. Here you will learn the history, works and secrets of an art from the past which continues to be alive and a reference point for today’s musicians. In addition to your teachers you will hear, mingle and possibly collaborate with great other chanters.