Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis


The vision of the founders of our School for the training of the new generation of chanters could not find such an impact if it did not have the undivided support of all its partners. The first group of church music teachers of the Scholeion Psaltikis, with extensive experience in teaching, combined with our graduates, who integrate easily into our teaching staff, are the guarantee for the progress of the students. The different talents and gifts, the personal stamp and personality of each of our teachers, are one of the greatest advantages of our School in the field of teaching.

Konstantinos Fotopoulos

Bousdekis Konstantinos

Bekiaris Emmanouel

Bousdekis Nikolaos

Bousdekis Stefanos

Eliseyeva Anna

Fotakopoulos Alexios

Fotopoulos Porphyrios

Gribkov Ivan

Hatzigeorgiou Emmanuel

Karanikolas Nikolaos

Kissas Evaggelos

Kosmopoulos Panagiotis

Krasovitov Ivan

Sibilov Dionysi

Traiforos Ioannis

Trosin Maxim

Tsitovski Anastasi