Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis

Arvanitis Andreas

Andreas Arvanitis was born in Athens in 1988. He is a graduate of the Music Lyceum of Ilion, a student of the Department of Music Studies of the Greek Academy of Music and holds a degree in Harmony. At the age of 12, he started playing the Cretan lyre with teachers Paris Perisinakis and Alexandros Papadakis, while he also plays the Cretan lute, mandolin, harmonica, piano and also island wind instruments (ascomandura and tsabounes).

He has taken part in festivals and concerts and actively participates in discography having collaborated with a multitude of important musicians and singers – Eleni Vitalis, Giorgis Xylouris, Vassilis Skoulas, Psarantonis, Karolos Kouklakis, Irini Derebei, Alexandros Papadakis, Pari Perisynakis, Thodoris Kotonias and Nikos Mamagakis.

In 2006, he started teaching at various conservatories, while since 2020 he has been teaching Cretan lyre, Cretan lute and mandolin, tsabouna and ascomandura at the “Chanting School”.

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Cretan Mandolin

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