Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis

Precussion instruments

a) Tubeleki (or tarabuka or stamna ): a percussion, membranous instrument that is played in various ways and techniques, either with both hands or with two small sticks. It rhythmically accompanies various melodic instruments in all regions of Greece.

b) Defi (or Delphi or Daires or Daeres or Dachares ) : a percussion , membranous instrument already found in ancient Greece. With or without zilia (cymbals ) the defi rhythmically accompanies various melodic instruments throughout Greece.

c) Dauli: the preeminent rhythmic instrument of mainland Greece. Percussion, membranous instrument, usually made of goat or sheep skin, found already in Byzantine times. Depending on the region, it is found in many sizes, while both the sticks/sticks and the playing technique differ. In combination with other instruments (clarinet, zourna, lyre) it forms various zygies.