Scholeion Psaltikis
Sholeion Psaltikis

Photopoulos Porphyrios

Porphyrios Fotopoulos was born in Athens in 1992 and is a student of the School of Civil Engineering at NTUA. At the same time, he studied the oud with teachers Antonis Apergis and Kyriakos Tapakis.

He was involved in church music from an early age having as his first teachers his father, Fr. Ioannis Fotopoulos and his brother Konstantinos. In 2008 he started studying at the Scholeion Psaltikis and in 2013 he obtained the “Diploma of Byzantine Music” with a grade of “Excellent”. He is also systematically involved in composition, and took part in the 1st and 2nd International Scholeion Psaltikis Composition Competition.

Porphyrios Fotopoulos has served as First Domestikos and then Second Cantor at the Church of St. Kosmas the Aetolian in Marousi and A’ psaltis at the Churches of St Spyridon in St. Arsenios Naxos, in the Monastery of Hagia Lavra in Kalavryta and in church of St. Cathrine in Aigaleo.

He is a key member of the choir ” En psalterio “, with which he has participated in numerous concerts, events and sacred services (feasts of holy monasteries and parish churches) in Greece and abroad while he has participated in the record productions as well as in the television and radio broadcasts of the choir. His participation as a soloist in concerts and events is frequent.

In 2013, he began teaching church music at the Scholeion Psaltikis where he teaches exclusively while he is also one of the members of the School’s Church Music Study Program Committee.

Finally, in the period 2017-2019 he also taught church music at the Church of St Spyridon, Hagios Arsenios at Naxos.